Friday, 8 May 2009

More Health Center features

In a previous post, I described a new IBM tool, IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java - Health Center. We've added some new features to the Health Center beta.

Ever wondered what the classpath of that application which is behaving strangely is? Or why all the core files are truncated? The environment perspective provides details of the Java version, Java classpath, boot classpath, environment variables, and system properties. This can be really handy for debugging problems, particularly problems on remote systems or systems where you don't control the configuration. It also shows the ulimit, which is a common cause of strange behaviour on linux and unix systems. If the Health Center detects misconfigured applications, it will provide recommendations on how to fix it.

Another new feature is the ability to export and import data. This means one person can collect the data, and if there's a problem, they can send it to someone else for more analysis. For example, if a method is unusually hot in the method profile, a system operator could send the exported data to the developer responsible for that area of the code.